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December 4th, 2007

Oh Yeah Gimme What I NEED!


November 18th, 2007

Lillianara: just so you know any convos I have go on my journal, name changed of course so my cyber partners dont get spammed

Christoff: that's fine with me so long as you change the name.

Lillianara: I will

Lillianara: I'd like someone to be the do-er rather than me, last time I was the do-er

Christoff: okay, well... i like being told when i should start touching myself... and i really really like being told when i should cum.

Lillianara: okay
Lillianara: I am new to cybering with men btw

Christoff: okay. hehe.  that's a bit of a turn-on, actually.

Lillianara: really?

Christoff: a little bit.  it's always nice to... go where nobody's gone before, y'know?

Lillianara: ready?

Christoff: yes

Lillianara: k go
Lillianara: _____________

Christoff: okay, well, what are you wearing?

Lillianara: light green tank top with gold threading and black workout pants, sports bra, no undies

Christoff: sexy

Lillianara: thx

Christoff: i'm wearing a blue t-shirt, black jeans, and boxers.

Lillianara: What kind of boxers?

Christoff: blue plaid

Lillianara: I like blue, it matches my eyes

Christoff: excellent.

Lillianara: btw, my hair is bleach blonde with honey blonde roots poking out

Christoff: my hair is brown.  so are my eyes.

Lillianara: and my breasts are 36D

Christoff: that's a very nice size. big, but not too big. hehe.

Lillianara: They got bigger when I was in the Navy because I worked out a lot

Christoff: that's cool.

Lillianara: *I kiss you gently on your neck and rub my crotch against yours*

Christoff: *i kiss back a bit more passionately and rub back while wrapping my arms around you*

Lillianara: mmmmmmmm, I shudder with pleasure and cling tightly

Christoff: i start gently rubbing your back while gently grinding against you

Lillianara: Mmmmm I worked so hard today, mami needs a good rub down ALL OVER, front and back

Christoff: i start massaging your back

Lillianara: my body turns to puddy under your hands as I stretch out on the bed face down, with my legs spread and arms too

Christoff: i run my hands up and down your back, squeezing your skin and feeling you relax

Lillianara: my clit begins to quiver and my pussy is getting wet... Massages turn me on and I can't wait until you massage the front. I grind my but up into your groin area as you massage

Christoff: i moan gently and press my hardening cock against you, then i start slowly lifting your shirt off

Lillianara: I lift my arms so the shirt comes of easily, mumbling: "Skin A Rabbit" and chuckling to myself...

Christoff: i grin, then resume massaging your back.  your bare skin feels nice and soft. then i move on to your sides, running my hands up and down them. and continuing to rub my cock against your ass

Lillianara: your fingers graze my breasts and I buck up into your cock with excitement feeling your hard rod against my crack, yearning for more "Baby, why don't we get completly naked and yuou continue to massage me?

Christoff: "sounds like a good idea to me.  let's undress each other, it's much more fun that way."

Lillianara: I unbutton your black jeans and tear them off you after I push you back onto the bed

Christoff: mmmmmm, i undo your bra and remove it, quickly replacing it with my hands.

Lillianara: I throw them accross the room and they land on the lamp, luckily its off

Christoff: hehehehe

Lillianara: I then strip off your boxers throwing them on the floor and then your shirt

Christoff: ohhh mmm
Christoff: my hard cock springs out, pointing straight at you.

Lillianara: Heyah, how YOU doin'?

Christoff: mmmm very very well.

Lillianara: Shall we continue the massage, I say? I lay down flat on my back on the bed

Christoff: mmm yes, but i think your pants need to come off first. i slowly slide them down your legs, stopping for a bit to admire your pussy.

Lillianara: well, I AM laying on my back, heh heh

Christoff: i am well aware of this fact. hehehe.
Christoff: i straddle you and kiss your lips gently.

Lillianara: I grasp your buttox and squeeze it playfully, then tuck my hands behind my head and smile

Christoff: mmmmm
Christoff: i gasp a bit, then smile back and start running my hands up and down your sides again.

Lillianara: I grin and close my eyes and relax

Christoff: after continuing that for a bit, i slowly move them over to your breasts and gently massage them.

Lillianara: come on dirty boy... make those little asian sluts who give sailors "Massages" over sea guilty of you "Massage" skills

Christoff: ohhhhh
Christoff: i trace my fingers around your nipples

Lillianara: Make me BEG for it, make me want it so bad I can taste it

Christoff: mmmmm yessss
Christoff: i start rubbing your nipples nice and fast
Christoff: feeling them get harder and harder

Lillianara: oooooh
Lillianara: be gentle with my girlies they're tender

Christoff: mmm okay
Christoff: i rub a bit more softly but just as fast, and start grinding my cock against you again

Lillianara: I dry hump you back wishing you'd move your hands downwards

Christoff: ohhhh i move them down just a bit, tracing my fingers up and down on your tummy

Lillianara: I shiver in anticipation, that kinda tickles

Christoff: mmm sliding them down just a bit lower

Lillianara: I feel a twing in my belly as your rough hands gently scale my soft skin

Christoff: mmmm yesss
Christoff: just before reaching your pussy, i start moving them to the sides a bit, onto your hips and then your thighs.

Lillianara: I wiggle a little and then bump and grind reaching towards your hard fallack and stroking it roughly

Christoff: mmm yesssssssss

Lillianara: I stroke it slow but firmly, speeding up as you murmer approval

Christoff: ohhhh god that feels good!!
Christoff: i rub your inner thighs faster and faster, keeping speed with your strokes.

Lillianara: I am getting so wet and I can feel my pulse in my clit

Christoff: ohhhhhhhhhh
Christoff: i take your hand off of my cock, and rub my cockhead up and down your wet slit.

Lillianara: I feel a twinge in my clit as pleasure shoots up my spin and I squeel then moan

v: ohhhh mmmmm
Christoff: (tell me how badly you want it)
Lillianara: I want it so bad, I want you to fuck me hard and fast, hurt me, stretch me out, fill me up completly with your cock and make me scream then cum all over me

Christoff: ohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm
Christoff: i stick the tip inside of you, feeling just how wet you are. mmmm.

Lillianara: I buck wildly trying to feel you on the inside

Christoff: mmmm
Christoff: i look into your eyes and force my hips down, slamming all the way down in one motion.
Christoff: my cock balls-deep inside of you

Lillianara: I scream in pain and ecstacy

Christoff: mmmmmmmmm
Christoff: (so horny! should i start stroking myself now?)

Lillianara: (yes! Stroke yourself jard and fast, then slowly)

Christoff: (mmm okay!!!)

Lillianara: I shake my hips in all directions so you hit all sides of my tiny little pussy

Christoff: ohhh mmmmmmm yessss
Christoff: thrusting in and out of you hard and deep

Lillianara: I moan and squeek over and over, reaching up to run my nails gently down your back, FUCK ME HARDER ASSHOLE! (are you touching yourself baby?)

Christoff: oh fuck yessssssss
Christoff: (stroking hard and fast like you told me to!  are you touching yourself?)
Christoff: i grab your hips and fuck you even harder
Christoff: oh god your tight pussy feels so fucking good on my cock!!!

Lillianara: I flex my inner walls as hard and as fast as I can as I squeel over and over again, while using on hand to stimulate my clitoris

Christoff: mmmmmmphhh
Lillianara: (oh fuck, I am massaging my click and bearing down on my hand hard in my chair, I'm going to have to clean the chair up when done)

Christoff: (oh god that's sexy!! wish i had your juices all over me!!)
Lillianara McLoud (11/18/2007 2:22:20 AM): I'm close to cumming baby, fuck me in the ass!

Lillianara: Flip me over and do it doggy style while I abuse my clit really hard

Christoff: mmmm okay
Christoff: i flip you over and place the tip of my cock in your asshole
Christoff: i'm wet enough with your pussy juice that it slides in without too much trouble

Lillianara: My ass is tight, it's a virgin baby be gentle at first

Christoff: mmm okay
Christoff: i start slowly pushing it further in, taking my time so it doesn't hurt you too much

Lillianara McLoud: I wiggle my ass around to stimulate every nerve ending on your big hard pulsating cock

Christoff: i groan into your ear and involuntarily thrust deeper

Lillianara: *I whimper and shudder at the same tme

Christoff: mmmmphhhh
Christoff: god baby, your ass is so fucking tight!!

Lillianara: I shove myself against you again and again jabbing the shit out of my clit with my fingers, my knees getting weak, I am so close to cumming
Lillianara: you gunna cum too baby, cum with me?

Christoff: ohhhhh fuck yes!! tell me when to cum in your asshole!!!!

Lillianara: (I want you to lick your hand right now as your stroking yourself, then put it back around your cock and punish it for being SO naughty! Punish it hard!!!)

Christoff: (ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk that feels good!!!!!!!!)

Lillianara: I want to feel you cum all over me, flip me over, and put it back in my pussy

Christoff: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Christoff: i flip you back over and slide back into your tight wet pussy

Lillianara: put your hand around my throat and choke me as you fuck me, I want to feel your strength, You power, choke me and fuck me so hard it hurts baby then cum all over me

Christoff: ohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm
Christoff: i wrap my hands around your neck and squeeze while i pound your pussy as hard as i can!!!


Christoff: ohhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk
Christoff: i squeeze your neck even harder, cutting off your air supply

Lillianara: I slap you across the face andclaw your back as you choke me

Christoff: ohhhhhhh
Christoff: i thrust my cock into you as hard as i can, hitting your cervix

Lillianara: I claw wildly about and buck hard thrusting my hips  into your hips cumming more and more

Christoff: mmmmmmmmmmm fuckkkk

Lillianara: CUM ON ME, Put your filthy juices all over my foresaken body
Lillianara: show me what a dirty little WHORE I AM!
Lillianara: (are you cumming yet baby?)
Lillianara: Hello?

Christoff: oh god
Christoff: sorry
Christoff: sorry
Christoff: i was cumming
Christoff: and it was crazy
Christoff: and it was all i could concentrate on
Christoff: fuckkkkkkk

Lillianara: Really? I am swimming in my own juice over here

Christoff: that might have been the longest orgasm i've ever had
Christoff: mmmm hot
Christoff: my tummy's all sticky
Christoff: hehehe 

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November 17th, 2007

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18+ material:

<lj-cut>DK: i'm wearing silver shorts and a white tshirt

Lillianara:: sounds sexy

DK: sitting here leaned back in my chair

DK: my cock dangling out

DK: stroking it fast, then stopping for abit, then stroking it some more

Lillianara:: mmmmmmmmmm... touch it baby

DK: wishin you were here so i could be lapping at your pussy

Lillianara:: Oooh, just the thought make sme quiver with anticipation

DK: licking your wetness from bottom to top.. sucking your clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue

Lillianara:: my hips are temoring with desire... harder, lick me harder, BITE IT!

DK: then i nibble on your clit, making you squeal a bit

DK: sliding a finger deep inside, then pulling it out till my finger is right against your g spot

DK: i press against it hard

Lillianara:: Mmmmmm baby omg that feels sooooo good!

DK: rubbing it fast

DK: and i slam my finger in and out while i turn my head and bite your thigh hard

Lillianara:: OWE! not so hard, I bruise easily, so be gentle, when you handle me lol

DK: i bite you again and look up at you grinning

DK: then i slide another finger inside

DK: i reach up and squeeze your breasts.. pinching your nipples and rolling them between my fingers

Lillianara:: be mindful of the half moon jelly nipple ring in my right nipple

DK: i'm grabbin the left nipple

Lillianara:: mmmmmmmmmm going on darlen

DK: i bring my hand back down after tweaking your left nipple one last time and press my thumb on your clit.. rolling it around in circles

DK: sliding my two fingers in and out of you.. making sure to hit that g spot with every thrust

Lillianara:: I squeek then moan with pleasure arching my back

DK: *i dive back down suckin on your clit while i slide another finger inside you

DK: stuffing your pussy with my three fingers

Lillianara:: Oooh! So tight! I don't know if 3 will fit!

Lillianara:: I;ve never had a BIG penis before so I am not stretched out

DK: heh, don't worry.. i know how to work it out so you're pussy can handle it

DK: 3 fingers is bigger than me

Lillianara:: well 2 fingers is tight now me

DK: i stop fingering you... taking my juice soaked hand and wiping it all over my pulsing cock..

DK: then i crawl up to your face and dangle my cock, covered in your juices, in front of your face

Lillianara:: I giggle with obvios pleasure

DK: i am at your side, my cock across your lips, dripping your juice onto your mouth

Lillianara:: I lick the tip tenderly, not knowing what to do exactly, as I gingerly stroke it once

DK: don't use your hands

DK: i slide my cock back and forth across your lips, waiting for them to open the slightest bit

Lillianara: I flicker my tongue rapidly with amazing speed over the tip of you dick as I stroke it with both hands one after the other with a firm grip

DK: i slap my cock against your face.. i said no hands

DK: i let your lips part just a bit and slide my cock into your mouth

DK: then i throw my leg over you, straddling you, and thrust my cock down into your mouth

Lillianara:: I gag a bit but smile with my mouth full and grasp your firm butt as I deep throat you over and over again, hoping for a 69 so we can get some dual action going

DK: i thrust hard into your mouth, fast, trying my best to make you gag a bit

DK: i turn around and lay down, pulling you on top of me in 69... wrapping my arms around your waist and pulling you down onto my mouth

Lillianara:: I flicker my tongue over your penis, lick it up and down then shove my mouth down on your cock hard, getting it as deep into my troat as possible

DK: i thrust my hips up as you dive onto it

DK: licking your eager pussy greedily

Lillianara:: I buck down on your mouth but regain composure and I suck hard and fast on your cock, stroking the base and I suck on the top and middle

DK: mmm

DK: i pull you down onto my mouth.. forcing the grind against my chin and tongue

DK: i groan into your pussy as i can feel the cum rising in my cock

DK: i'm getting close

Lillianara:: I tighten the grip on your penis, around the base so you won't cum so easily and continue to slam you into my throat harder and deeper still, grinding on your face, omg I am so close babe!

DK: i shiver and shake a bit.. shoving my tongue into your pussy

DK: i can't hold it any more

DK: <<< cumming hard

Lillianara:: I keep thrusting my mouth over your cock and strumming the tip with my tongue

DK: i freeze with my tongue pressed against your clit as i shoot stream after stream into your mouth

Lillianara:: I swallow your cum and turn around to sit on your face, scratch my back while I ride you it turns me on... I am so ready to cum

DK: i reach up and scratch your back hard... dragging my fingers down to your ass

DK: i reach up with one hand and grab a fistfull of hair and give it a little tug

Lillianara:: I buck wildly, thriving on the pain and loving every minute of it as II cum all over your face

Lillianara:: I scream in pain AND ecstacy

DK: scratching your back and pulling your hair harder

Lillianara:: I keep bucking wildly cumming harder and harder until your ace is a sticky mess

DK: mmm

Lillianara:: I collapse on the bed beside you

DK: *passes out*

Lillianara:: hah hah hah

Lillianara: me too

DK: i gotta get to bed.. early day tomorrow

Lillianara: nite</lj-cut>

If reincarnation were inevitable, what would you come back as in your next life?
Hm.... I would be a 6 foot 2, black/irish man with wavvy dark brown shoulder length hair, a six pack on my abs, a tight ass, buff arms, runners legs, with a 11.5 inch long cock thats 1.75 inch around and I would go around fucking every clean shaven, healthy hot woman who'd let me, with protection of course, so I could feel what it's like to have sex with a penis and orgasm as a man

November 8th, 2007

Whether it's in an election or just in a fun poll, what's getting your vote this week?
 Hot Baths with Hot chicks!

Lesbian Action...


Remember in all my conversations, *I* am LILLIANARA
Hello beautiful


backstroke629: hey hottie

backstroke629: what’s up?

backstroke629: I like u

backstroke629: and I’m horny too, lol,

backstroke629: r u shaved?

backstroke629: I want to lick u


Lillianara: *giggles*


backstroke629: what r u wearing?


Lillianara: light purple pajama pants and a gray pajama top that says "First Aid- Love Hurts"


backstroke629: is that it?


Lillianara: yep, no undies, no bra


backstroke629: and a nice shaved pussy for my fingers to go in


Lillianara: yup, I sure do, it’s wet and tight too


backstroke629: mmm, I like tight

backstroke629: r u playing with it?

backstroke629: r u wet?


Lillianara: yes, I am actually


backstroke629: from me?


Lillianara: yes


backstroke629: would u like me there to help u out?


Lillianara: definably


backstroke629: would u touch me?


Lillianara: yes


backstroke629: mmm


Lillianara: Want to know a secret?


backstroke629: what?


Lillianara: I like women, but I have never gone done on one...


backstroke629: oh, I would love to teach u

backstroke629: tell me what u would do, and I’ll guide u


Lillianara: ok

Lillianara: I would start my softly kissing your mouth, then working my way down to your neck, nipping your a few times softly


backstroke629: mmm, good so far, what about your hands?


Lillianara: one hand would be on the nape of your neck and the other on the small of your back


backstroke629: good, good


Lillianara: I would work my way down your collar bone to your chest plate, kissing you gently, and then suckling on your nipples one at a time, flickering my tongue against the tips rapidly


backstroke629: mm, getting them nice and hard


Lillianara: as I work further down your body with my lips, the hand on the back of your neck slowly works its way around and runs gently down to your stomach and I use it to lay out down on the bed


backstroke629: mmm, u r getting me really wet, u seem to know what u r doing


Lillianara: I then place both hands on your hips and squeeze them gently as I continue to kiss you belly and you inner thighs


backstroke629: mmm, I want to feel your lips


Lillianara: I gently spread your legs with my hands and caress your inner thighs, first with my hands, and then with my mouth and tongue


backstroke629: omg, u r good


Lillianara: I gently insert one finger into your wet pussy and probe slowly while I watch your squirm


backstroke629: mmm, and I would


Lillianara: I then insert TWO fingers and continue to thrust my fingers in slowly, rhythmically, deeply...while cupping your firm buttocks in my other hand


backstroke629: oh, wow… mmm, I think I need to meet u


Lillianara: I remove my fingers and lick them to taste you before I dive in...


backstroke629: mmm


Lillianara: I then insert THREE fingers into your wet, hot, sticky, quivering vagina and use my other hand to part your lips and run my tongue from hole to clit, tasting you, feeling you...


backstroke629: omg, I’m tight, idk if I can take that


Lillianara: you smell just faintly of strawberries and cream, it must be your body wash, the scent is driving me MAD with lust


backstroke629: how did u know?


Lillianara: I ease my hand out and return back down to 2 fingers, and continue to lap up your juicy goodness


backstroke629: oh god, mmm, u r so good


Lillianara: I nip lightly on your clitoris then rapidly flick my tongue over it, savoring the flavor, and reveling in the moaning sounds coming from you and you grip the sheets tightly and your hips begin to rock slowly, ever so slightly...


backstroke629: oh god Lilly, I love it


Lillianara: I thrust harder and faster with my fingers as I suck ever so gently with my mouth, and as my thrusting gets faster, your moans become louder, bordering on scream of ecstasy


backstroke629: oh god, I made a big mess but I want more, u r amazing


Lillianara: I can feel my pulse in my crotch; it's pounding, waiting for you to climax one more time


backstroke629: give it to me hard


Lillianara: I can also feel your pulse, pounding wildly against my mouth as a lick your juices of off your click and I thrust my fingers harder and hard and faster and faster into your body, wanting to feel your soul


backstroke629: deeper, widen me out, I want to feel u deep in me


Lillianara: I suck and nip rapidly, switching between the two so that you don't know what to expect next, then suddenly, I stop...


backstroke629: don't stop

backstroke629: I want it

backstroke629: give it to me


Lillianara: I pull out a canister of strawberry scented "Nipple Nibblers" and I put a dab of it on your clitoris and around the rim of your vagina (this is a edible lotion that gives you 3x the orgasm with regular sex, and 10x the orgasm with oral sex because it brings the blood to the surface more)


backstroke629: oh baby, mmm, I love it


Lillianara: I then re-insert my fingers, 3 of them this time, and start slowly, work my way up faster and I nibble on your clit, your lips, your vulva, your inner thighs...


backstroke629: oh god


Lillianara: then, I remove my fingers and stick my tongue deep inside you, holding your hips so that even as you buck and shake, my mouth never leaves your pussy for more than a split second


backstroke629: oh god, again


Lillianara: I'm going crazy, I can't wait until your hands, your lips, and your body is all over ME


backstroke629: soon

backstroke629: I wish


Lillianara: I start fingering you again, with three fingers, and I cover your clit and lips with kisses, nips, and bites... I've never done it before but something comes over me and I flicker my tongue over your asshole and wait for your reaction... I'm hoping you like it, or if you don't you'll just let me know ant it won't spoil the mood


backstroke629: no, I love it


Lillianara: I flip you over on your stomach, drawing your knees up so that you are in the doggie position and I slide underneath you so that my mouth is directly below your delicious fruit


backstroke629: mmm


Lillianara: I continue to lick your asshole while I use one hand to finger bang you and stimulate your clit, and the other to lightly scratch your back, slap your ass, and massage your hips


backstroke629: oh god, how can u have never done this?

backstroke629: I want u in me


Lillianara: (I just know what I like done to me, and what I have had done to me)

Lillianara: I slide out from underneath you and flip you back around to lie on your back and kiss you savagely on your mouth while sliding my thigh between your legs and rubbing it on your vagina so that your clit is constantly stimulated. You start dry grinding my leg, so I sit up on my knees over you and strap on a dark purple jelly penis that is 8 inches long and 1 3/4 around


backstroke629: mmm


Lillianara: I slather it up with some *Nipple Nibblers* and slowly insert just the tip, and probe in and out, teasing you, making your want more


backstroke629: oh, fuck me hard


Lillianara: You thrust your hips up trying to make me go deeper but I'm not ready yet


backstroke629: I want it in me all the way


Lillianara: I pull it out and lay it over your pussy and bend down to kiss your nipples, then I nip each one and sit back up


backstroke629: oh baby


Lillianara: I tenderly hold your right breast in my hand while using my other hand to insert the vibrating strap on into your wet, glistening pussy


backstroke629: ooh god, again


Lillianara: I thrust gently, not quite entering you completely, the harder, but still slowly so each thrust enters you deeply, but so slow you're begging for more


backstroke629: I want it all


Lillianara: I grip your hips in my hands, pulling you to the edge of the bed, lifting your hips and putting 2 pillows beneath your tight ass, and re inserting the pulsating purple penis like dildo into your pussy and thrusting harder and hard, faster and faster


backstroke629: oh god I’m squirting


Lillianara: You're Cumming all over the place so I undo the dildo straps so I can lap up your sweet cum while still fucking you manually with the dildo, you're screaming my name over and over and bucking like there's no tomorrow but I hold on tight with one hand and fuck you with the strap on with my other hand and suck on your tight wet juicy pussy, I myself am moaning because you taste SO good... I slowly release your hips and keep thrusting the vibrator into your vagina and I start to massage my clitoris, needing to feel myself climax as well…</lj-cut>

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