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Another Cyber Log: DK turns me wild!

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Another Cyber Log: DK turns me wild!

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18+ material:

<lj-cut>DK: i'm wearing silver shorts and a white tshirt

Lillianara:: sounds sexy

DK: sitting here leaned back in my chair

DK: my cock dangling out

DK: stroking it fast, then stopping for abit, then stroking it some more

Lillianara:: mmmmmmmmmm... touch it baby

DK: wishin you were here so i could be lapping at your pussy

Lillianara:: Oooh, just the thought make sme quiver with anticipation

DK: licking your wetness from bottom to top.. sucking your clit into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue

Lillianara:: my hips are temoring with desire... harder, lick me harder, BITE IT!

DK: then i nibble on your clit, making you squeal a bit

DK: sliding a finger deep inside, then pulling it out till my finger is right against your g spot

DK: i press against it hard

Lillianara:: Mmmmmm baby omg that feels sooooo good!

DK: rubbing it fast

DK: and i slam my finger in and out while i turn my head and bite your thigh hard

Lillianara:: OWE! not so hard, I bruise easily, so be gentle, when you handle me lol

DK: i bite you again and look up at you grinning

DK: then i slide another finger inside

DK: i reach up and squeeze your breasts.. pinching your nipples and rolling them between my fingers

Lillianara:: be mindful of the half moon jelly nipple ring in my right nipple

DK: i'm grabbin the left nipple

Lillianara:: mmmmmmmmmm going on darlen

DK: i bring my hand back down after tweaking your left nipple one last time and press my thumb on your clit.. rolling it around in circles

DK: sliding my two fingers in and out of you.. making sure to hit that g spot with every thrust

Lillianara:: I squeek then moan with pleasure arching my back

DK: *i dive back down suckin on your clit while i slide another finger inside you

DK: stuffing your pussy with my three fingers

Lillianara:: Oooh! So tight! I don't know if 3 will fit!

Lillianara:: I;ve never had a BIG penis before so I am not stretched out

DK: heh, don't worry.. i know how to work it out so you're pussy can handle it

DK: 3 fingers is bigger than me

Lillianara:: well 2 fingers is tight now me

DK: i stop fingering you... taking my juice soaked hand and wiping it all over my pulsing cock..

DK: then i crawl up to your face and dangle my cock, covered in your juices, in front of your face

Lillianara:: I giggle with obvios pleasure

DK: i am at your side, my cock across your lips, dripping your juice onto your mouth

Lillianara:: I lick the tip tenderly, not knowing what to do exactly, as I gingerly stroke it once

DK: don't use your hands

DK: i slide my cock back and forth across your lips, waiting for them to open the slightest bit

Lillianara: I flicker my tongue rapidly with amazing speed over the tip of you dick as I stroke it with both hands one after the other with a firm grip

DK: i slap my cock against your face.. i said no hands

DK: i let your lips part just a bit and slide my cock into your mouth

DK: then i throw my leg over you, straddling you, and thrust my cock down into your mouth

Lillianara:: I gag a bit but smile with my mouth full and grasp your firm butt as I deep throat you over and over again, hoping for a 69 so we can get some dual action going

DK: i thrust hard into your mouth, fast, trying my best to make you gag a bit

DK: i turn around and lay down, pulling you on top of me in 69... wrapping my arms around your waist and pulling you down onto my mouth

Lillianara:: I flicker my tongue over your penis, lick it up and down then shove my mouth down on your cock hard, getting it as deep into my troat as possible

DK: i thrust my hips up as you dive onto it

DK: licking your eager pussy greedily

Lillianara:: I buck down on your mouth but regain composure and I suck hard and fast on your cock, stroking the base and I suck on the top and middle

DK: mmm

DK: i pull you down onto my mouth.. forcing the grind against my chin and tongue

DK: i groan into your pussy as i can feel the cum rising in my cock

DK: i'm getting close

Lillianara:: I tighten the grip on your penis, around the base so you won't cum so easily and continue to slam you into my throat harder and deeper still, grinding on your face, omg I am so close babe!

DK: i shiver and shake a bit.. shoving my tongue into your pussy

DK: i can't hold it any more

DK: <<< cumming hard

Lillianara:: I keep thrusting my mouth over your cock and strumming the tip with my tongue

DK: i freeze with my tongue pressed against your clit as i shoot stream after stream into your mouth

Lillianara:: I swallow your cum and turn around to sit on your face, scratch my back while I ride you it turns me on... I am so ready to cum

DK: i reach up and scratch your back hard... dragging my fingers down to your ass

DK: i reach up with one hand and grab a fistfull of hair and give it a little tug

Lillianara:: I buck wildly, thriving on the pain and loving every minute of it as II cum all over your face

Lillianara:: I scream in pain AND ecstacy

DK: scratching your back and pulling your hair harder

Lillianara:: I keep bucking wildly cumming harder and harder until your ace is a sticky mess

DK: mmm

Lillianara:: I collapse on the bed beside you

DK: *passes out*

Lillianara:: hah hah hah

Lillianara: me too

DK: i gotta get to bed.. early day tomorrow

Lillianara: nite</lj-cut>

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