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Lesbian Action...

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Remember in all my conversations, *I* am LILLIANARA
Hello beautiful


backstroke629: hey hottie

backstroke629: what’s up?

backstroke629: I like u

backstroke629: and I’m horny too, lol,

backstroke629: r u shaved?

backstroke629: I want to lick u


Lillianara: *giggles*


backstroke629: what r u wearing?


Lillianara: light purple pajama pants and a gray pajama top that says "First Aid- Love Hurts"


backstroke629: is that it?


Lillianara: yep, no undies, no bra


backstroke629: and a nice shaved pussy for my fingers to go in


Lillianara: yup, I sure do, it’s wet and tight too


backstroke629: mmm, I like tight

backstroke629: r u playing with it?

backstroke629: r u wet?


Lillianara: yes, I am actually


backstroke629: from me?


Lillianara: yes


backstroke629: would u like me there to help u out?


Lillianara: definably


backstroke629: would u touch me?


Lillianara: yes


backstroke629: mmm


Lillianara: Want to know a secret?


backstroke629: what?


Lillianara: I like women, but I have never gone done on one...


backstroke629: oh, I would love to teach u

backstroke629: tell me what u would do, and I’ll guide u


Lillianara: ok

Lillianara: I would start my softly kissing your mouth, then working my way down to your neck, nipping your a few times softly


backstroke629: mmm, good so far, what about your hands?


Lillianara: one hand would be on the nape of your neck and the other on the small of your back


backstroke629: good, good


Lillianara: I would work my way down your collar bone to your chest plate, kissing you gently, and then suckling on your nipples one at a time, flickering my tongue against the tips rapidly


backstroke629: mm, getting them nice and hard


Lillianara: as I work further down your body with my lips, the hand on the back of your neck slowly works its way around and runs gently down to your stomach and I use it to lay out down on the bed


backstroke629: mmm, u r getting me really wet, u seem to know what u r doing


Lillianara: I then place both hands on your hips and squeeze them gently as I continue to kiss you belly and you inner thighs


backstroke629: mmm, I want to feel your lips


Lillianara: I gently spread your legs with my hands and caress your inner thighs, first with my hands, and then with my mouth and tongue


backstroke629: omg, u r good


Lillianara: I gently insert one finger into your wet pussy and probe slowly while I watch your squirm


backstroke629: mmm, and I would


Lillianara: I then insert TWO fingers and continue to thrust my fingers in slowly, rhythmically, deeply...while cupping your firm buttocks in my other hand


backstroke629: oh, wow… mmm, I think I need to meet u


Lillianara: I remove my fingers and lick them to taste you before I dive in...


backstroke629: mmm


Lillianara: I then insert THREE fingers into your wet, hot, sticky, quivering vagina and use my other hand to part your lips and run my tongue from hole to clit, tasting you, feeling you...


backstroke629: omg, I’m tight, idk if I can take that


Lillianara: you smell just faintly of strawberries and cream, it must be your body wash, the scent is driving me MAD with lust


backstroke629: how did u know?


Lillianara: I ease my hand out and return back down to 2 fingers, and continue to lap up your juicy goodness


backstroke629: oh god, mmm, u r so good


Lillianara: I nip lightly on your clitoris then rapidly flick my tongue over it, savoring the flavor, and reveling in the moaning sounds coming from you and you grip the sheets tightly and your hips begin to rock slowly, ever so slightly...


backstroke629: oh god Lilly, I love it


Lillianara: I thrust harder and faster with my fingers as I suck ever so gently with my mouth, and as my thrusting gets faster, your moans become louder, bordering on scream of ecstasy


backstroke629: oh god, I made a big mess but I want more, u r amazing


Lillianara: I can feel my pulse in my crotch; it's pounding, waiting for you to climax one more time


backstroke629: give it to me hard


Lillianara: I can also feel your pulse, pounding wildly against my mouth as a lick your juices of off your click and I thrust my fingers harder and hard and faster and faster into your body, wanting to feel your soul


backstroke629: deeper, widen me out, I want to feel u deep in me


Lillianara: I suck and nip rapidly, switching between the two so that you don't know what to expect next, then suddenly, I stop...


backstroke629: don't stop

backstroke629: I want it

backstroke629: give it to me


Lillianara: I pull out a canister of strawberry scented "Nipple Nibblers" and I put a dab of it on your clitoris and around the rim of your vagina (this is a edible lotion that gives you 3x the orgasm with regular sex, and 10x the orgasm with oral sex because it brings the blood to the surface more)


backstroke629: oh baby, mmm, I love it


Lillianara: I then re-insert my fingers, 3 of them this time, and start slowly, work my way up faster and I nibble on your clit, your lips, your vulva, your inner thighs...


backstroke629: oh god


Lillianara: then, I remove my fingers and stick my tongue deep inside you, holding your hips so that even as you buck and shake, my mouth never leaves your pussy for more than a split second


backstroke629: oh god, again


Lillianara: I'm going crazy, I can't wait until your hands, your lips, and your body is all over ME


backstroke629: soon

backstroke629: I wish


Lillianara: I start fingering you again, with three fingers, and I cover your clit and lips with kisses, nips, and bites... I've never done it before but something comes over me and I flicker my tongue over your asshole and wait for your reaction... I'm hoping you like it, or if you don't you'll just let me know ant it won't spoil the mood


backstroke629: no, I love it


Lillianara: I flip you over on your stomach, drawing your knees up so that you are in the doggie position and I slide underneath you so that my mouth is directly below your delicious fruit


backstroke629: mmm


Lillianara: I continue to lick your asshole while I use one hand to finger bang you and stimulate your clit, and the other to lightly scratch your back, slap your ass, and massage your hips


backstroke629: oh god, how can u have never done this?

backstroke629: I want u in me


Lillianara: (I just know what I like done to me, and what I have had done to me)

Lillianara: I slide out from underneath you and flip you back around to lie on your back and kiss you savagely on your mouth while sliding my thigh between your legs and rubbing it on your vagina so that your clit is constantly stimulated. You start dry grinding my leg, so I sit up on my knees over you and strap on a dark purple jelly penis that is 8 inches long and 1 3/4 around


backstroke629: mmm


Lillianara: I slather it up with some *Nipple Nibblers* and slowly insert just the tip, and probe in and out, teasing you, making your want more


backstroke629: oh, fuck me hard


Lillianara: You thrust your hips up trying to make me go deeper but I'm not ready yet


backstroke629: I want it in me all the way


Lillianara: I pull it out and lay it over your pussy and bend down to kiss your nipples, then I nip each one and sit back up


backstroke629: oh baby


Lillianara: I tenderly hold your right breast in my hand while using my other hand to insert the vibrating strap on into your wet, glistening pussy


backstroke629: ooh god, again


Lillianara: I thrust gently, not quite entering you completely, the harder, but still slowly so each thrust enters you deeply, but so slow you're begging for more


backstroke629: I want it all


Lillianara: I grip your hips in my hands, pulling you to the edge of the bed, lifting your hips and putting 2 pillows beneath your tight ass, and re inserting the pulsating purple penis like dildo into your pussy and thrusting harder and hard, faster and faster


backstroke629: oh god I’m squirting


Lillianara: You're Cumming all over the place so I undo the dildo straps so I can lap up your sweet cum while still fucking you manually with the dildo, you're screaming my name over and over and bucking like there's no tomorrow but I hold on tight with one hand and fuck you with the strap on with my other hand and suck on your tight wet juicy pussy, I myself am moaning because you taste SO good... I slowly release your hips and keep thrusting the vibrator into your vagina and I start to massage my clitoris, needing to feel myself climax as well…</lj-cut>

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